I Balzini Brown Label

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“And the tobacco is to be soaked in grappa, so the women will not be alone in the morning.”
Cesare Pavese

Technical Details

Name of the grappa: I BALZINI Brown Label

A grappa produced from the pomace of the first pressing, distilled at low temperatures in copper stills to fully bring out aroma and flavor.

Aging: for 18 months in oak, which gives it its light golden color, a lovely complexity and concentrations of aromas, and an elegant softness which makes it particularly pleasurable on the palate.

Characteristics: a lightly golden grappa, fragrant, elegant, and soft.

Alcohol: 43°

With food: created for the end of meals, possibly with quality chocolates with aromas of ripe yellow fruit. It goes equally well with dates and dried figs as well as wihth honeyed sweets or nuts.  Also excellent on its own to accompany pleasurable conversation or for a moment of intimate reflection.


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