I Balzini Olive Oil

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The estate owns a lovely, if somewhat small, olive grove which opens up directly in front of the owners’ home. The olive varieties which are cultivated are Tuscan classics:  Moraiolo, Coreggiolo, and Leccino. The olives are picked entirely by hand and brought immediately to a local olive mill for a cold pressing.

The attention to the groves, the selection of the olives themselves, and the immediate pressing give an excellent extra-virgin oil, intensely fruity, rich in aromas of artichokes and cardoons. The   important concentration of polyphenols, of vitamins, and other significant substances for human health make the I Balzini olive oil a true “nectar of health”, able to combat the aging of cells thanks to its anti-oxidative properties. And, thanks to the important presence of vitamins, it is highly useful for childrens’ diets.


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