Attention to the environment

A great wine is born not simply from the soil but also from the heart of the producer. In modern agriculture, producers are requested to have a strong committment to planet Earth – both locally and in a global sense – and to its conservation for future generations. The heart of producers will beat even stronger to the extent that they are even more attentive to the environment.

The committment of Antonella D’Isanto, far from being a mere intellectual stance, has been translated into the creation of a photovoltaic plant, in the decision to reduce the weight of the bottles, with a consequent saving in energy needs and the lowering of emissions. Also in the decision to abolish the use of polystyrene and plastic in the packing of the bottles, opting for cartons patented to insure the safe transport of the wines. The estate, in addition, has the habit of recycling the corks, which Diana uses for bijouterie.