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“Wine, strong as the godess of Reason. In you the idea resonates and takes on the color of a myth”
Alda Merini


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A wine born from the depths of the soil with the sensations of an ancient past.

The story of this wine began in the estate’s oldest vineyard, one with over 35 years of age, situated in a territory with a soil of layers of yellow sands and strata of clay endowed with an important presence of marine fossils. The sea was here hundreds of thousands of years ago and left its traces in the soil.

We wished to produce a wine which was the “deepest” expression of the territory and the roots of these vines, in fact, were worked practicing small cuts on the surface roots in order to induce the root system to delve even deeper into the soil in order to “capture”, in the most intimate part of the territory, the atavic sensations left by the sea.

The depth reached by the roots, in addition to assisting the vines to better support prolonged periods of drought, has alloed the plants to draw vital lymph from the strata which are richest in the minerals, salts, and marine deposits left by the sea.

The production philosophy of the house aims at a small crop of grapes per plant, all to the advantage of the grapes themselves. This, along with the physiological ripeness of the grapes, and the full ripeness of their seeds, the care excercized during the fermentation, the savvy use of the oak barrels, and the lenghty period of bottle aging have given us this pure Merlot, spicy in aroma and flavor and rich in those mineral notes which accompany a bouquet with thousands of years of sensations.

Tasting Notes

Dense to the eye, a very deep and intense ruby red. The rich and varied aromas are characterized by notes of black currants, rhubarb, and eucalyptus. The palate is full and supple and is dominated by savory sensations of black fruit. The tannins are round and sustained.

Technical Details

Name of wine: I BALZINI Gold Label 2012

Altitude: 825 feet (250 meters) above sea level.

Soil: Of Pliocene origin, sedinmentary formations characterized by the presence of alternating strata of yellow sands and clay with a notable presence of marine fossils.

Micro-climate: Average to elevated precipitation, with cold winters and warm to very warm summers and particularly sunny late afternoons and sunsets given the precise western exposure.

Vineyard work: A Tuscan arched cane training system, hand picking of the crop, the grapes picked into small packing cases and a selection of the grapes on a belt in the cellar.

Average production per vine: Approximately 750 grams (28.5 ounces, or .875 pounds) per plant.

Grapes: Merlot

Alcohol: 14.5°

Fermentation and aging: A soft pressing, fementation in stainless steel tanks, the malolactic fermentation and aging in entirely new 60 gallon French oak barrels for a period of 18 ,onths.

With food: Perfect with red meat and with the dishes of the grand cuisine.

Packaging:A silk screened label in mint-quality gold cast in a kiln. Natural corks, a 20 inch (49 millimeter) single piece selected one by one by personnel trained to sense on the nose potential defects and contamination.

Formats: Bottles and magnums, all packed one by one.


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