I Balzini Green Label

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“Is it from the flower of the vine that I sense this amber or a slight hint of violets”
Giovanni Pascoli

Tasting Notes

Color: A brilliant ruby red.

Aroma: Fresh and fruity with notes of violets and red berry fruit.

Flavor: Soft, savory, and joyous with elegant hints of freshness.

Technical details

Name of wine: I BALZINI Green Label IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Toscana.

Soil: Of Pliocene origin, sedimentary formations characterized by the presence of alternating strata of yellow sands and clay with a notable presence of marine fossils.

Micro-climate: warm and temperate with average to elevated precipitation, with cold winters and warm to very warm summers andn particularly sunny late afternoons and sunsets given the precise western exposure.

Exposure of the vine rows: Southwestwards with a north to south orientation of the rows

Vineyard work: Working of the soil alternating with a cover crop and a cordon de Royat training system with a limited number of spurs and a reduced number of buds per vine. A selection of the grape bunches during the growing season and a final selection during the harvest; the grapes are picked by hand during the harvest, placed into small packing cases, and brought to the cellar. A further selection of the bunches takes place on the belt just prior to the pressing.

Grapes: Sangiovese and Mammolo.

Fermentation: Temperature controlled at 79° Fahrenheit (26° centigrade) in stainless steel tanks. The malolactic fermentation takes place in the same stainless steel tanks, after which the wine ages for approximately three months in stainless steel.

Suggestions: A red wine to be drunk young, preferibly in tulip-shaped crystal stemware.

With food: Excellent with first courses (pasta, risotto, soups), carpaccio (sliced raw meat), Mediterranean fish soups, pizza. It can be served at low temperatures (approximately 54° Fahrenheit – 12° centigrade) as well.

Particular characteristics: A fresh and fragrant wine, very savory with an elevated territorial character.


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