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Chianti, I Balzini Winery and a soil made for wine

A soil’s nature, together with an apt climate, influence a region’s suitability for fine wine production. Chianti Classico’s region and its neighbouring areas have great heterogeneity of turf, which influences the growth and development of vines, of grapes, and consequently of wines. Soil types range from sediments of sea and lake origin, to metamorphic rock: […]

The wines I would offer Trump and Obama

American Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama are both visiting Italy. It is indeed a very rare and fortuitous coincidence. The current and the last US President are both in our beautiful country. The former reached Rome yesterday, the latter is roaming around Siena happily with his wife Michelle. Our country can only fascinate these […]

Deers, cute but harmful. How to prevent damage?

Baby deers were found in the vineyard. Surely they cannot be put to sleep. This is how we safeguard our plants and produce. Deers, like many another animals, can be harmful to vineyards. They peel away the young sprouts and stuff themselves with grapes. This they do with boars, that, however, are not quite as […]

I BALZINI Pink Label, a rosé wine full of passion

Delightful to the eye, captivating in its fragrance, pleasing to the palate: a wine with a story to tell. Rosé wines are often under-appreciated and relegated to the stereotype of being “women’s wines”. As we are told by a woman winemaker, Antonella D’Isanto, rosé is no inferior to red wines. It is just made differently. […]