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In the cellar that strange upside down bottle

Not a day passes in which one of our visitors, curious to know what that strange glass object on top of our fermenting tanks and casks is, asks for an explanation. It is a closure which keeps the cask full and consequently prevents air to enter and expose the wine to damaging oxygen. Composed entirely […]

I Balzini White Label a 1987 table wine that became a cult

Once upon a time there was “vino da tavola” (table wine), an appellation used in the past to define those wines produced outside of certain rules. They were simple wines, without particular or significant characteristics, often destined to simple tables. They were products which, thanks to the qualitative force of some of its examples, brought […]

Wine and Fashion Industry: an indissoluble marriage.

Italy in the world reaps international successes for fashion and wine. These branches provide a considerable added-value to our economy, involving fashion victims and wine lovers. These two worlds come together, intersect each other, sometimes they speak a common sensory language. The sight, for example: Bordeaux is a kind of red tone that takes its […]

What about a Valentine’s Day toast ?

Statistics show that lovers are used to choose the great Italian red wines. Maybe for the color? Red like passion, like fire, like wine… All of these things are very important in a love story. Normally, for Valentine’s day, the lovers choose a restaurant or intimate place where to enjoy the wine, looking into the […]

Don’t waste wine it’s a treasure.

Wine is a precious good, it needs patience to be product and time to be aged. A glass of wine has positive effects on the mind and the body: it contains polyphenols and bioflavonoids and these are good for your mood and keep away both negative effects of aging and some diseases. Then it’s fine […]

Rice with I Balzini White Label

Serves 4 350 g Carnaroli rice 1 shallot 2 sausages Stock as necessary 100 g boiled “cannellini” beans 1 glass of red wine I Balzini White Label 3 tablespoons of olive oil Tuscan matured Pecorino cheese Sauté minced shallot in oil on a low flame, then add chops and peeled sausages. Press the sausages with […]

“Ecofriendly” wine bottles by Balzini in Barberino Val d’Elsa

  Vinibuoni di Italia, in collaboration with Veralia, have given recognition to I Balzini from Barberino Val d’Elsa for traits other than the quality of their wine. The Ecofriendly Diploma of 2017 was created to give appreciation to and encourage wineries which are involved in eco-sustainability. The Supertuscans of I Balzini are children of a sustainable agriculture chosen with knowledge […]

“Tuscany a land of wine”

Bei I BALZINI produzieren wir ausgezeichnete toskanische Weine. Am 10 Mai wird in Hamburg von 10 Uhr bis 18 Uhr im Nord Event Panoramadeck (im Emporio-Hochhaus) Dammtorwall 15 das Event “Tuscany a Land of Wine”, bei dem es möglich sein wird, unsere Weine zu verkosten. Wir erwarten Sie am Stand Nummer 3Tuscany a Land of […]