Don’t waste wine it’s a treasure.

Wine is a precious good, it needs patience to be product and time to be aged.
A glass of wine has positive effects on the mind and the body: it contains polyphenols and bioflavonoids and these are good for your mood and keep away both negative effects of aging and some diseases. Then it’s fine to drink… but just if in moderation.
Taste it with the family and all friends and store it with care any remaining for the day after. There are new and efficient taps which allow to preserv the wine for some days.
You can also use it for cooking, we can suggest some recipes: for example, the Risotto a I Balzini!
Il risotto a I Balzini is enjoyable and tasteful, it hides a secret by Antonella D’Isanto in order to make the dish delicate and pleasurable.