What about a Valentine’s Day toast ?

Statistics show that lovers are used to choose the great Italian red wines. Maybe for the color? Red like passion, like fire, like wine… All of these things are very important in a love story.
Normally, for Valentine’s day, the lovers choose a restaurant or intimate place where to enjoy the wine, looking into the eyes by candlelight. In these occasions an elegant wine, pleasant to drink, makes the evening unforgettable. It fills the atmosphere of sensuality with its perfect balance and intense scents.
Lovers choice of wine creates a great feeling. Choose together is to share a moment of complicity. The lovers’ universe is large and varied, a famous aphorism says:
“A woman and a glass of wine meet every need, who does not drink or kissing is worse than dead” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)
Have a great Valentine’s day!!