I Balzini Black Label

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“Once in this time wine the summer blood knocked in the flesh that decked the vine”
Dylan Thomas

Tasting Notes

Color: A very intense ruby red with purple highlights.

Aroma: Intense and elegant in its fused notes of fruit and spice, evident the aromas of black berry fruit, blackberries and blueberries, along with notes of vanilla, tobacco, and chocolate.

Flavor: very full-bodiedand very complex and elegant. The structuring tannins are welll present, dense and very velvety. The flavors are very long and persistent with a highly pleasurable aftertaste which extends the notes of the nose and palate.

Technical details

Name of the wine: I BALZINI Black Label IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Colli della Toscana Centrale.

Soil: Of Pliocene origin, sedimentary formations characterized by the presence of alternating strata of yellow sands and clay with a notable presence of marine fossils.

Micro-climate: Temperato – caldo: precipitazioni da medie ad elevate, inverno freddo ed estati da moderatamente calde a calde con tramonti particolarmente soleggiati, data la specifica esposizione.

Exposure: Southwestwards with a north to south orientation of the vine rows.

Vineyard work: A working of the soil alternated with a cover crop along with a cordon de Royat training system. Crop thinning during the growing season and a final selection of the crop: during the hand picking, the bunches are placed in small packing cases and are selected on a belt as they are about to be pressed.

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Fermentation: Two weeks of skin contact at 79°-81° Fahrenheit (26-28° centigrade) and a omplete malolactic fermentation.

Aging: For 12-14 months in small French oak barrels followed an 18 month period of bottle aging before commercial release.

Suggestions: A wine with an important aging potential, over 20 years, to be tasted in ample and capacious crystal stemware at a temperature between 61° and 65° Fahrenheit (16-18° centigrade)

With food: The meat dishes of the grand cuisine, game; an excellent match as well with aged cheese.

Particular characteristics:A wine of unforgettable fragrance, moving, excellent at the end of a meal as well.


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